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Land Clearing Law Reform – Queensland

Queensland politicians should be listening to the science and support the passing of land clearing reforms.

Bulldozers with chains have returned and land clearing is again skyrocketing in Queensland.

Land clearing of native vegetation has tripled in recent years going from 78,000 ha in 2009/2010 to almost 300,000 ha in 2014/2015.

Photo credit: Kerry Trapnell, The Wilderness Society land clearing queensland

Photo credit: Kerry Trapnell, The Wilderness Society

Land clearing Queensland

Photo credit: Kerry Trapnell, The Wilderness Society

After a period of decline, this rapid rise in clearing in the last few years can be attributed to changes to laws and regulations made under the former Newman government.

The new Queensland government has now introduced a reform Bill to reign in inappropriate tree clearing which, if passed would help to reduce land clearing and the associated carbon emissions.

But the Bill is yet to be passed.

Opposition to the Bill has been fierce and littered with false claims. Our friends at The Wilderness Society have produced a straight forward Myths and Facts Information Sheet to counter some of the common false claims that have been made.

OLive Vale 6 (credit Kerry Trapnell & TWS) Land clearing queensland

Photo Credit: Kerry Trapnell, The Wilderness Society

Land clearing reform should be about the science and scientists are deeply concerned.

Broad-scale land clearing results in habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity, hastens erosion and sediment run-off, increases carbon emissions contributing to climate change and exacerbates drought.

In reality, the Vegetation Management (Re-instatement) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill essentially seeks to simply restore tree clearing laws to how they were in 2012, and strengthen protection for Great Barrier Reef catchments, which is prudent given it’s increasing vulnerability.

We need to make it crystal clear to our politicians that they should be listening to the science and vote to support the passing of this Bill.

You can help by asking the three Independent MPs to support the reform Bill: 

Or by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspapers to show your support and highlight the importance of passing this Bill.

Courier Mail 

Cairns Post 

Mareeba Express 

Tablelands Advertiser and Tablelander 

Innisfail Advocate

Port Douglas and Mossman Gazette

Kuranda Paper 

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