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I was a founding CAFNEC member and Vice President in 1981 and joined mainly to help the fight to save the rainforests. Over the years, CAFNEC has grown into a truly strong, grounded community organisation combining passion, principle and professionalism.

It inspires me to see our CAFNEC staff and volunteers with so many new ideas and skills – and taking on the big issues such as climate change and oceans conservation. When I finally got around to making a will, putting CAFNEC in it was just pure pleasure – being part of starting CAFNEC is my proudest achievement, and being able to contribute to it continuing is an honour.

Ro Hill

I became a CAFNEC member at an early Envirofiesta which used to be held outside Cominos House, some years now. I joined because the concept of what CAFNEC was about was heart-warming and still is. The efforts CAFNEC staff and volunteers go to in order to try and make things right and balanced continue to impress me no end.

When it dawned on me some years ago that I should have a will, CAFNEC was always going to be a gift recipient under it and so it is. I don’t have a preference as to the purpose of the gift as I can see that all CAFNEC’s projects and operations expenses are worthy.

Eugene Orwell

Living in the tropics is such a delight and being surrounded by two world heritage areas is pretty hard to beat! I love where I live and I enjoy nature and my close relationship with it. My involvement with CAFNEC began more than 30 years ago. Being a practical, hands-on type, I organised the early CAFNEC Green Shopping Week, Walks and Talks programme and garage sales. 

I have seen the organisation grow and achieve so much over the years and I am incredibly proud to be part of it. CAFNEC speaks out for the protection of the places we love and advocates for a better future for us here in Far North Queensland. But there’s still so much more work to be done and we will always need CAFNEC to advocate and empower our community to speak out for the environment. 

So I decided, in addition to my regular donations to CAFNEC, to also leave a gift in my will which will be the residue of my estate after my passing. I trust CAFNEC to use my legacy to help shape a sustainable future for our precious natural places. It’s a priviledge being involved to secure that future. 

Ann Mansfield