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CAFNEC’s Objectives

Rules of the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre Inc (CAFNEC)

(Excerpt from Constitution revised September 2017)

The objectives of the association are-

  • to promote the values of the natural environment, including the protection of native wildlife, their habitat, and the natural biophysical environment that supports them;
  • to engage in activities that promote sustainable land use, enhance environmental values, and conserve the natural biophysical environment;
  • to encourage, promote and participate in activities which contribute to the environmentally sustainable use of resources;
  • to provide a communication link between local bodies involved with environmental issues;
  • to provide a liaison and referral service between community, industry, Government and semi-government authorities on matters relating to the environment;
  • to sponsor, conduct and assist the conduct of objective research on matters relating to the environment;
  • to gather a collection of literature and other materials on conservation and related issues in a place accessible to the public;
  • to encourage community education and responsible attitudes to the environment;
  • to provide and promote forums and seminars for the exchange of opinions and organised debate on topics relating to the environment;
  • to establish a permanent Environmental Office to carry out the objectives of the association;
  • to provide an information service to visitors so as to enhance their understanding, respect and enjoyment of the environment;
  • to aid in the establishment of and support organisations formed to protect and conserve the environment; and
  • to establish and maintain a gift fund for the acceptance of gifts made to the association or the association’s objectives in Rules 2(a) – (l) of the Constitution and regulated by the by-laws of the Centre in accordance with Rule 30. The CAFNEC Gift Fund must comply with Section 78AB of the Income Tax Assessment Act of 1936.