The Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) is the peak regional non-government environmental organisation for Far North Queensland and has advocated for the protection of it’s unique terrestrial and marine nature since 1981.

Above Photo: Buttress Tree on Mt Lewis Photo from Rainforest Country by Kaisa and Stanley Breeden, published by Fremantle Press




What Drives Us

Our Mission

To empower people through inspiration, knowledge sharing and opportunities to act for, and as stewards of, nature in Far North Queensland.

OUR REGION is simply


CAFNEC represents a region that stretches from Cardwell to the Torres Strait Islands, through the Gulf of Carpentaria, Cape York and Cairns and surrounding areas. Known as Far North Queensland (FNQ).

Where the reef meets the rainforest, FNQ boasts two of Australia’s most iconic World Heritage Areas, the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforest. Just two of vast and varied environments we love.


but not insurmountable

Now, more than anytime in history, our natural environments are under threat from the impacts of modern society.

However, history also tells us that we are capable of great change. When communities come together we can achieve great things. CAFNEC is committed to empowering FNQ communities to come together and fight for the environments that we love and depend on.


made of people like you

When it comes to the greatest threats to our environment, people are the problem and people are the solution. Here at CAFNEC we know that the FNQ community is ready and willing to come together and act as stewards of our environment.

Our organisation is made up of everyday people who dedicate time and passion to a connected community and vibrant natural environment

I’m from Indonesia and CAFNEC gave me the opportunity to experience first hand how an NGO operates in Australia. The internship has taught me a lot of valuable lessons, which I hope to apply for the rest of my studies, professional life and also in my community back home.



Being a part of MangroveWatch has really improved my knowledge and appreciation of these important ecosystems. I’m proud that I’ve had the opportunity to help in monitoring these vital mangrove areas. It is a great feeling to contribute to science through Mangrove Watch.


Mangrove Watch Volunteer

I joined CAFNEC because I wanted to contribute to the conversation around cities and the impact of climate change. As a volunteer, I feel valued by the organisation and I look forward to coming into the office. I think more people should be involved to better assist and inform their community.


Centre Volunteer

The team that door knocked in Edge Hill for the 2019 Federal Election were all keen to see a difference made in getting climate Change and our beloved reef on the agenda for the election.


Doorknocking Leaders

“CAFNEC has a long history in FNQ and has been proudly been active for more than 30 years. The incredible work and difference that CAFNEC has made is attributed not only to our staff and Management Committee, but every single community member who has donated their time, efforts and money to ensure our region stays beautiful.”

– Lucy Graham, CAFNEC Director

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