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Jun 28 2020


4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

The Story of Plastic – Special Online Screening

Join us for a Special Screening of The Story of Stuff Projects – Story of Plastic Documentary

​​About the film
​​Produced by the Story of Stuff Project, The Story of Plastic takes a sweeping look at the man-made crisis of plastic pollution and the worldwide effect it has on the health of our planet and the people who inhabit it. Spanning three continents, the film illustrates the ongoing catastrophe: fields full of garbage, veritable mountains of trash, rivers and seas clogged with waste, and skies choked with the poisonous emissions from plastic production and processing. The Story of Plastic features interviews with experts and activists on the frontlines of the fight, revealing the disastrous consequences of the flood of plastic smothering ecosystems and poisoning communities around the world, and the global movement that is rising up in response. With engaging original animation, archival industry footage beginning in the 1930s, and first-person accounts of the unfolding emergency, the film distils a complex problem that is increasingly affecting the planet’s and its residents’ well-being.

We will open this screening up to a limited number of attendees at the CAFNEC office in addition to the online screening.