Sep 13 2020


9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Community & Media Training: Telling our stories for a #GreenBlueRecovery

CAFNEC’s Core Trainers are working with the Climate Media Centre to host FREE full-day workshops.
We are at a pivotal point here in Tropical North Queensland.

As the pandemic continues we are seeing the increasing impacts of climate change our natural environments and our communities are suffering. High unemployment rates, economic recession and tourism downturn is exacerbated by the climate impacts we are facing. In recent years, we have experienced our homes inundated with flood waters, storm surges ravaging our coast, widespread coral bleaching, catastrophic heatwaves and increased fires, wet seasons with no rain, and damaging cyclones.

But found within the Green and Blue Economic Stimulus Package, our region has the answers and the opportunity to be better prepared and create a brighter future. By employing more people in land and sea management now, and creating long-term jobs to protect our World Heritage Areas we will a) increase our resilience to climate change, and b) rapidly increase and sustain the flow of money directly into our economy. As well as, igniting innovation and diversification to our industry that will transition our region to be the Smart Green Capital of Australia.
We have the answer but we need to gain the support from the Federal and State Governments, philanthropy, industry, and our community. That is why CAFNEC is working with the Climate Media Centre to host FREE full-day workshops.