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Jul 03 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Climate Safe Visioning Workshop – Machans Beach

Now, more than ever before, our community and our region can lead the way on climate action!

For the last two months CAFNEC volunteers have been door knocking in Machans Beach, a suburb that is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We have been listening to you, the residents – sharing our stories, our values and connecting with you through our way of life.

With the uptake of more than 50 #climateactionnow signs, you, the residents of Machans Beach, are creating a visible demand for climate action. Together, we are shifting the politics on climate change by making collective and strategic demands that cannot be ignored.

Coming to the end of our door knocking in Machans Beach, CAFNEC is hosting a community workshop for you.

In our workshop:

  • We will set the scene, and present the climate facts
  • Provide a case study on ways that communities are tackling climate change
  • Share with you the concerns that local residents have brought up at the door
  • Provide an opportunity for you to create a climate safe vision for your local area
  • Establish strategic next steps for you to take real, on-ground action on climate change

This is a family friendly event. Don’t forget to ask your neighbours and friends to come along.