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May 14 2022


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Cairns Climate Action Now Rally

A week before we go to the polls we are asking you to join us at Fogarty Park at 3:00PM for Cairns’ Rally for #ClimateActionNow on Saturday May 14th!
The Federal Election is in less than 1 week. The future of our climate hangs in the balance. The science tells us we have a matter of years to act to stop catastrophic climate change. In 2019, the Federal Election was dubbed the Climate Election. We had hoped for stronger action on climate change. But for the last 4 years, despite the catastrophic fires and the roaring floods that have devastated communities across the country, our Government has remained indifferent in implementing policies to address climate change.
Our federal election cycles are 4 years. This means the government we elect in May will determine our future. This time it really is make or break.
Here in Far North Queensland, we continue to reel from the impacts of living in a changing climate. At one degree of warming, we are experiencing record-breaking temperatures, a mass die-off of endangered wildlife and unprecedented coral bleaching. We are on the frontlines of the climate crisis!
In 1 week Australians are heading to the polling booths to have their say on what a safer and better future looks like for them. This is a crucial opportunity for us, the community of Cairns, to come together to demonstrate our deep concern about the climate crisis and our strong support for bold action to protect our unique Far North environment. Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are rising and our Government is continuing to support new fossil fuel projects driving further global heating.
Everyone is welcome!
3:00PM at Fogarty Park, marching towards Muddy’s Playground. Finish time of 4:00PM.
Bring your banners, placards, and climate action now signs!
*The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change will be holding their Climate Change Vigil at Muddy’s Playground at 4:00PM, and we encourage you to join us.
For any further information please email Aïsha at getinvolved@nullcafnec.org.au