Have you heard about our Container Collection Crew’s?  

In November of 2018 ‘Containers for Change’ was introduced in Queensland. This means that eligible drink containers such as soft drink, beer bottles and cans marked with ’10c Refund’ can now be collected and redeemed for money. This litter-preventing scheme was introduced after a long campaign in which CAFNEC was heavily involved.  

CAFNEC has registered as a charity under the scheme which means that you, as our supporters, can take your containers to a drop-off depot and donate the proceeds. You’ll need our scheme ID to enter at the depot: C10006963

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to put all of your empty bottles to great use by supporting a very important cause – our environment! 

We are also excited to announce that as of 2021 we have set up Container Collection Crews! Collection Crews will be made up of 3-5 volunteers who are able to run weekly or fortnightly pickup/drop-offs from local businesses.

This is a great hands on practical volunteer role that has direct benefit to CAFNEC financially. To date we have received over $2000 from cans collected at businesses around Cairns. This really makes the world of difference for our organisation & we are eager to see this support grow in the coming year. 

Can you help us? Or would you like to find out more?

Please email Jasmine Darrah at community@nullcafnec.org.au or give her a call on 0439 897 820. We look forward to hearing from you soon.