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Warriors of the Waterways

As Waterway Warriors, we know how important our waterway systems are for biodiversity, flood mitigation, and the health and safety of our community. Each of our initiatives play a key role in supporting the sustainability of these systems, and we understand that keeping our waters healthy is a shared responsibility between government, groups, and everyday people.

There is a misconception that our urban waterways are solely the responsibility of a single body, Council, rather than the collective efforts of our community.

We want to change this misconception by telling the unified story of the work our groups do. We want to show that it takes a whole community of ordinary people acting in many different ways to protect and care for our rivers, wetlands and estuaries.

CAFNEC is partnering with various organisations to shift social norms and community attitudes towards the protection and restoration of our urban waterways, and to mobilise more people to care and act. 

We are the the Waterway Warriors, follow our story.

Waterway Warrior partners include:





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