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CAFNEC makes submissions on a wide range of issues affecting our region and beyond. Submissions allow for input into various government decision making processes.

Below is a selection of submissions. Please utilise the Search function to speed your research.

050209 Sustainable Housing Discussion Paper Submission135.7 KB466
050414 Mission Beach Cavanagh Submission152.0 KB487
051014 Breakwaterhunchinbrook DEH113.9 KB397
051015 Sub To DSC APS91.9 KB534
051205 Sub To TOR For Ella Bay EIS114.1 KB667
060625 Littoral ForestsEPBC Nomination Support89.1 KB1298
060814 Cook Shire Plan Sub105.7 KB979
060922 CAFNEC Submisson Hinchinbrook Breakwater A117.2 KB444
061020 Sub To CCC-Behana Gorge Quarry88.2 KB760
061025 EPBC Bill Ammendments90.5 KB375
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