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Media Releases

Media Releases and statements produced by CAFNEC, or in collaboration with others.

Media Release - Dredging Cairns Port another Gladstone? 21st Jan 201491.1 KB260
MEDIA RELEASE Stronger action needed to protect the reef, 1 Nov 2013243.0 KB262
Media comment - Living with bats and flying foxes FEB 2013259.7 KB264
Media release - Local artist wins with marine design 6 March 2013220.2 KB265
MEDIA RELEASE - Environment groups meet to discuss future of the environment in FNQ, 8 Nov 2013245.5 KB266
MEDIA RELEASE - "Taking the axe to Queensland's tree clearing laws" not such a bright idea, 24 April 2013257.8 KB269
MEDIA RELEASE Flying Fox relocation a waste of time and money March 2013245.6 KB270
121011 Deputy Premier Takes Over Coastal Development346.3 KB272
Media release - Keep the Sunshine State nuclear free41.0 KB272
Media release - local artist on board for plastic free paradise, Jan 201374.5 KB273
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