Take action for our flying-foxes

Council and the Novotel resort are planning to disperse the spectacled flying-fox colony from the Cairns CBD. The spectacled flying-fox helps to keep the rainforest healthy by pollinating flowers and dispersing seeds. Please help us protect them.

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Marine Response Team Meeting #3

Marine Response Team meeting. Let’s make this the biggest one yet! We have started to build some real momentum in the team to date – this meeting will be about getting as many of us together as possible, consolidating our work so far and planning for the upcoming ‘silly season’. We will be briefing, reporting …

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Oh My Gok!

Retail giant, Target Australia, has announced it will reintroduce plastic bags in to its stores!!! In 2009, Target lead the way and announced its national ban on single-use plastic bags, with its Managing Director stating: “We all have a role to play in reducing our impact on the environment.  One way is to reduce the …

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Help support the Flying Foxes!

Watch this space for more information on how you can help protect the flying foxes!

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Aquis casino and resort development, Yorkey’s Knob

Chinese developer Tony Fung is proposing a large casino and integrated tourism development at Yorkey’s Knob, Cairns. This project is at the initial proposal stage and does not yet have any of the approvals it would need to go ahead. The site is mostly existing cane farms (about 353 hectares total) with some areas of …

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Plastic-Free Push

On July 11th, 2013, Environment Minister Andrew Powell confirmed the Queensland Government would be considering a ban on plastic bags, but by the next day the story had changed.  On Friday, 12th July, Minister Powell said, “The Newman Government will not introduce waste or recycling measures that increase the cost of living for Queenslanders.” We …

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Trinity Inlet Issue summary

Proposal to expand dredging operation in Trinity Inlet – issue summary September 2012 Update 2013 – Trinity inlet fact sheet 1 Cairns Port Authority proposes to: • Widen the existing outer channel (11.2km long) from 90m wide to 140m wide; • Increase the depth of the outer channel and inner harbour channel from 8.3m to 9.4m; …

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Burke approves inappropriate Ella Bay resort development

MEDIA RELEASE 20th DECEMBER 2012 Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke announced his approval of the Ella Bay resort development near Innisfail yesterday, a decision which will threaten federally listed endangered species and ecological communities.  “We have serious concerns for the unique ecology of this area given the nature and scale of the proposed development. The …

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Take action – Protect the Places You Love

The government is planning to hand over environmental approval powers to the states through COAG, thereby weakening our environmental law reforms, and threatening unique Australian ecosystems and species. This would mean project approvals could occur without federal oversight. Unfortunately, the states can’t be trusted to look after the environment. State governments have a track record …

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Sign here – keep the Sunshine State nuclear free

Sign here to join our petition to Premier Campbell Newman to say no to uranium mining in our precious state. Why? Uranium puts our health and environment at unnecessary risk Saying NO to uranium will: Protect water quality Protect community and worker health Avoid risks of contaminating the natural environment   A better outcome economically, environmentally and socially is …

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