Memberships & Donations

Far North Queensland is home to some of the World’s most environmentally diverse ecosystems.  From the tropical rainforests to the Great Barrier Reef, our region is really worth protecting.

Unfortunately, many areas remain unprotected and continue to be threatened through inappropriate land use, large-scale developments or by the relaxation of environmental legislation and policies.

CAFNEC exists to provide a voice for the many species and ecosystems under threat in our region, and to encourage the community to value and protect our unique natural environment.

Our members and supporters are the backbone of our organisation and we rely on our wider network of members and supporters to continue our work.

You can be part of creating a better future for the far north.

1. Become a valued CAFNEC member.

2. Join our monthly giving program, EcoStar, and never worry about renewing your membership again!

3. You can offer campaign-specific donations or general donations, which are tax deductible.

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