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Get Involved with your local volunteer group and take action for our environment


Actions speak loud and CAFNEC volunteers are in our community taking action every day to create the FNQ we envision. If you have 2 hours, 2 days or 2 weeks, it doesn’t matter – we will welcome your efforts. We have something for everyone, but to change the world, we do need everyone! Join us today.


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We are a community, and without our community we are nothing. By becoming a CAFNEC member you are demonstrating a commitment to our vision and values. Members help drive CAFNECs work, and ensure we have vital funding to continue protecting our unique environment. By joining us you are becoming a part of an essential community for FNQ’s environmental protection.



Through community organising and leadership training CAFNEC provides our members and member groups with the tools to understand the needs of our community, how to connect with them and move them into action. So together we can have a greater impact and reach more people.


Spread the word today

Sometimes finding a way to take meaningful action is half the challenge of change making. Help us make sure everyone knows how they can get involved, make a difference and be the change they want to see in the world. Share our pages, our posts and our message far and wide.


Make a Donation

When you donate to CAFNEC you are powering a community movement that has been working to protect our regions unique nature since 1981. Every dollar you donate goes to ensuring we have a vibrant environment in FNQ for generations to come. Your donations ensure our work continues, no amount is too great or too small. Thank you.

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