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Climate Election Campaign

Let’s make this the Climate Election!

Our strategy this election was to build a mass-scale, voter-contact operation that could potentially speak to thousands of voters in Far North Queensland. We wanted to be having as much impact as we could. This meant having direct contact, one-on-one conversations at people’s doorsteps. At the Climate Election Launch we had six courageous and inspiring volunteers step up to become Door Knocking Leaders to facilitate a team of door knockers and play a key role in making it a success. It was massive seeing them put their hands up as it was not an easy thing for them to do.

To make an impact in Cairns, our aim was to knock on over 2000 doors, and have valuable and genuine conversations with voters about climate change and the future they want. To make this happen we needed people door knocking in each of the marginal suburbs (Yorkeys Knob, Trinity Beach, Smithfield, Edge Hill, Freshwater and Whitfield), over six Saturdays. We did just that and at the end of all our door knocking we went beyond our goal by knocking on over 2,861 doors and having more than 754 meaningful conversations. We’d like to thank leaders Kaye, Jasmine B, Michelle, Garrett, John and Thomas for all of their hard work pulling this off.

But it’s now crunch time! This weekend is Election Day and we are asking you to join us at polling booths to hand out Reef policy scorecards.



What you need to do:
1) Pick one of the suburbs listed above
2) Choose a shift during the day
3) Hand out scorecards at the polling booth
Our Election Party: For those involved we invite you to celebrate our hard work and watch the results come in together. There will be food provided and one drink on us!

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