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Order your Climate Action Sign


We are at a critical point in our fight to protect our communities and save our beautiful natural environment from climate change. There is still time to act – but it is running out fast! 

Right now we need to demonstrate that Far North Queensland wants bold action on climate. We want our State and Federal MP’s to see the call for ‘Climate Action Now’ across our region! 

The best part is that this is happening all over QLD and we are joining together in a powerful movement across the State!

By registering for a ‘Climate Action Now’ sign, you will also be added to a monthly newsletter to stay informed on upcoming climate actions and events in your area.

Already got your sign and put it up? Great stuff! Take a photo and either email it to us at climateaction@nullcafnec.org.au or upload it to Facebook and tag usPut a sign up on your letterbox, wheelie bin, front gate, your apartment balcony or at your office or local business. Get creative, get active and remember to take some photo’s along the way.

Climate Action Now is all about action. So apart from putting up a sign on your fence, or sticker on your bin, you can also take action by attending one of the following events!