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We need Volunteer Project Coordinators who enjoys working with children (and can get a Blue Card) and want to educate communities about the effects of littering on the environment and on communities. They should believe that art has the power to bring change.

The Drain Stencil Project educates the community that our neighbourhoods are connected to the ocean via the urban storm water drain system. Throwing rubbish in gutters and waterways hurts our coastal ecosystems, mangroves, and Great Barrier Reef, and also increases flood-risk from blocking. By bringing the community together to spray-paint the message “This drains to the Great Barrier Reef” next to our waterways, we create informed advocates for our waters, and leave a physical, long term message behind for the whole community.

Tasks Include:

– Ensure volunteers are aware and prepared for their tasks prior to each session.
– Induct new volunteers in Occupational Health and Safety and Risk Assessment requirements.
– Provide an inventory of props and materials, and ensure they are properly maintained.

No skill is needed as we will train you how to facilitate these events and become leaders in the sustainability community. All you need is enthusiasm to educate the community on the importance of our waterways.


We are about to enter our peak season in September for these projects and this will last through October. We have events scheduled for the mornings of September 8th, 9th, 16th, 17th, 19th, and 22nd that are in immediate need of coordination to facilitate. These events last less than 3 hours each and involve working with all age groups, primarily children.

If you are interested in this leadership role please contact Alex at projects@nullcafnec.org.au or at 0467156665 for more questions. Register to volunteer on the form below!

    *Please note: These positions are on a voluntary basis.

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