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Our Region Needs

  • Immediate economic stimulus
  • A simple way to create new jobs rapidly
  • A stronger and more resilient economy
  • An eye to the future

This is an opportunity to burst out of the ‘boom and bust’ cycles that hamper Tropical North Queensland, and rebuild our economy so that it is more resilient to future economic shocks.

Worth Protecting

The value of our natural assets to our economy each year:

  • World Heritage Areas – $11 billion
  • Tourism – $3.5 billion
  • Agriculture – $1.62 billion


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Email the Ministers for a Green and Blue Recovery

Dear Honourable Members Enoch, Frydenberg, Ley and Dick

I’m writing to you to express my strong support for the Tropical North Queensland Green and Blue Economic Stimulus Package. Our Federal and State governments have worked collaboratively to help our nation face the Covid-19 pandemic with strength. Today I am addressing you together to ask you to ensure that your collaborative work continues into the recovery period.

As someone who lives in Tropical North Queensland (TNQ) I have seen the impacts of Covid-19 first hand. Our region is doing it tough, our tourism is suffering, our businesses are closing and we are expected to have some of the highest unemployment rates in the country and for the longest duration.

On top of the challenges of Covid-19, our region is also facing serious threats to the World Heritage environments which we all love and our economy relies on. Coral bleaching, bushfires and cyclones present a significant ongoing risk to the Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef as well as the industries, communities and ecosystem services provided by these natural systems. Even our Wet Tropics rainforest, the world’s oldest rainforest, is now at risk of bushfires with TNQ experiencing one of the driest wet seasons on record in 2019/20.

The TNQ Green and Blue Economic Stimulus Package, if supported as part of our state’s COVID-19 recovery plans, would directly create 1500 jobs in TNQ over 3 years, as a part of 2 key components;
- Component One: Scaling up shovel ready work
- Program 1: Boots on the ground - Land restoration and management
- Program 2: Fins in the water – Coral to coast reef resilience
- Component Two: Innovative recovery leading to long-term resilience
- Program 3: Igniting the Smart Green Capital of Australia

The Tropical North Queensland region has a distinct opportunity to rebuild its economy to become stronger and more resilient than it was prior to COVID-19. I support the TNQ Green and Blue Economic Stimulus Package because;
- It supports young people, First Nations people and unskilled workers in getting jobs now.
- It has career pathways in those jobs that allow people to grow and remain in the workforce and our region
- It ensures that our recovery doesn’t see us going back to 'business as usual’ and helps our region reduce the impacts of future economic and environmental disaster

For these reasons, I am asking you in your role as a senior decision maker in government, to support the package by;

- Meeting with the key stakeholders who are driving the package, so they can work with you to ensure it is part of QLD’s recovery plans
- Ensuring that the package is delivered as a part of recovery plans, both for the economic stimulus it can ensure, and the environmental benefits it will bring
- Securing the necessary funding to enable the package to be successfully implemented over the next three years.
- Showing your support for the TNQ Green and Blue Economic Stimulus Package by sharing it on your social media so our community can see what is possible for our region

You can read more about the package and download it here: https://cafnec.org.au/green-and-blue-stimulus-package/

Key contacts
Stewart Christie | CEO, Terrain NRM | 0427 147 556 | stewart.christie@nullterrain.org.au
Lucy Graham | Director, Cairns and Far North Environment Centre |0497 781 002 | director@nullcafnec.org.au

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Thank you for your time, and I hope you take action to support my future and our regions,

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Key contacts:

Lucy Graham, Director, Cairns and Far North Environment Centre
0497 781 002 or director@nullcafnec.org.

Stewart Christie, CEO, Terrain NRM
0427 147 556 or stewart.christie@nullterrain.org.au

Scott Buchanan, Executive Director, Wet Tropics Management Authority
0427 604 120 or scott.buchanan@nullwtma.qld.gov.au


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