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Citizen science is the collaboration between volunteers and scientists to collect data and answer research questions, build public awareness, and share results with stakeholders. Cairns is situated between two iconic World Heritage Areas that are celebrated for their unique and abundant ecosystems, making it a hotspot for citizen science projects focused on long term monitoring for conservation management.

COVID-19 restrictions are currently an obstacle for conducting MangroveWatch monitoring and holding events, however, there are a few meaningful activities we can continue to do from the comfort of our homes/backyards or as we enjoy nature individually:

Hunt for Grey Mangroves with ClimateWatch

ClimateWatch is currently conducting a Grey Mangrove survey across Australia. By simply registering online or downloading the mobile app you can share your grey mangrove sightings and notes.

Learn more here: https://www.climatewatch.org.au/news/hunt-for-the-grey-mangrove-this-citizen-science-month

Brush up on your coastal wetland knowledge

iNaturalist is another excellent tool for recording species observations, getting research-grade identifications, and viewing existing observational data. MangroveWatch has three iNaturalist pages with hundreds of observations. Download the phone app and submit your own observations or just explore the existing data and test your id knowledge!

iNaturalist Mangroves 

iNaturalist Saltmarshes

iNaturalist Tidal Wetlands



Join MangroveWatch Cairns Facebook group

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Signup to be a volunteer by using the form on the MangroveWatch page or emailing projects@nullcafenc.org.au