Ecotone November: Wet Tropics Edition 30th Anniversary Special Edition

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Ecotone November 2018: Wet Tropics 30th Anniversary Special
Note from the editor on this edition:
‘Welcome to this bumper 24-page special edition of Ecotone celebrating the 30th anniversary of
the creation of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area on 9 December, 1988. We have attempted
to cover as broad a gamut as possible – history, campaigns, natural beauty, threats, magical fauna
and flora AND that emblematic White Lemuroid Possum. I hope this last issue of the year will
rekindle memories for some and inform others of this eventful, and highly significant, period in
our recent past. Our Xmas Party is on Thursday, 29 November from 5.30pm at Cominos House.
See you there to carry on the conversation.’
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