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CAFNEC makes submissions on a wide range of issues affecting our region and beyond. Submissions allow for input into various government decision making processes.

Below is a selection of submissions. Please utilise the Search function to speed your research.

CAFNEC Sub - D8 Reef Water Qulaity Plan May 0743.6 KB362
CAFNEC Sub To Draft Crocodile Mangament Plan 0744.4 KB307
CAFNEC Sub To IPA Review 06033191.3 KB295
CAFNEC Sub Draft Qld Biodiversity Strategy FINAL223.4 KB445
CAFNEC Sub Tablelands Community Plan 19Jan2012 FINAL343.8 KB404
CAFNEC Submission Ella Bay Littoral Rainforests 020310 FINAL44.6 KB602
CAFNEC Submission Re Sandmine Fairweather Rd Kamerunga146.7 KB487
CAFNEC Submission To Council Waste Strategy Oct 2009125.6 KB296
CAFNEC Submission To CRC Special Facilities False Cape 100205196.4 KB516
CAFNEC Submisssion Lot267TRC Mungalli Falls174.3 KB311

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