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CAFNEC makes submissions on a wide range of issues affecting our region and beyond. Submissions allow for input into various government decision making processes.

Below is a selection of submissions. Please utilise the Search function to speed your research.

CAFNEC joint submission on Wongai coal mine Terms of Reference Nov 2011594.8 KB361
Aust Nat Veg Framework CAFNEC Submission59.5 KB595
Aust Nat Veg Framework CAFNEC Submission Cover-sheet49.7 KB363
C4 Sub Ninney Rise June 2010-1123.5 KB688
CAFNEC Bimblebox Nature Refuge Sub 30 Nov 2011123.1 KB397
CAFNEC Galilee Coal Project (Bimblebox Nature Refuge) Sub 30 Nov 2011240.9 KB292
ACIUCN Submission Figure 22.1 MB497
CAFNEC Mungana Submission FINAL 5Nov2010191.5 KB545
CAFNEC National Biodiversity Response FINAL127.3 KB493
CAFNEC NEC Powerlink Submission33.2 KB346
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